International Women's Day

This annual March luncheon has a tradition of presenting educational, insightful events.

This year focused on food insecurity in Indiana and Kenya.

In any event there are many moving parts and "Nourish to Flourish. Women Making a Difference from the Ground Up" had it all.

Experienced and professional panelists, Michelle S Smith, Corteva Agriscience(TM) (Agriculture Division of DowDuPont (TM), Jennifer Vigran, Second Helpings and Kate Franzman, Patachou Foundation and Patachou Restaurant Inc Restaurant Group and Moderator Liz Giménez, Ivy Tech. They found a blend of formal and relaxed style. They took a serious topic (food insecurity/ food security- causes, impact, solutions) and added some stories with light hearted moments to ease the tension and pain of a difficult subject.  Liz Giménez used her warm personality and sharp skills and moved through the audience to get people talking about issues and adding to the discussion. Together, people’s eyes were opened to opportunities to help/volunteer and the audience went away more educated and inspired.

Woodstock Club provided a wonderful venue with amazing staff. A big thank you to International Women Indiana team who guided the event from seed to a full bloom! I believe we made a difference by taking a tough subject and treating it with respect and dignity. Coming up with our title took creativity, hard work and team work. These same elements made "Nourish to Flourish. Women Making a Difference from the Ground Up" a great success.

Rosaleen Crowley 

President IWI, 2018-2019

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