International Women's Day

How to Participate in the Celebration! 

Get ready for a day of culture, empowerment, and connection at our International Women's Day 2024 celebration!

Join us to celebrate the 2024 International Women's Day!

Experience a day filled with culture, empowerment, and connection at our celebration, where we showcase the rich global heritage of IWI women. This special occasion highlights our diverse membership, honoring the tapestry of cultures within our international and USA-based community. Let's create a memorable event celebrating our heritage and women's empowering


⭐️ Dress to Impress⭐️

Let’s celebrate our heritage by wearing your national or traditional attire, flaunting your favorite

sports jersey, or choosing any outfit that reflects your country or region!

⭐️Cultural Creativity Booths 10:30-11:30⭐️

Embark on a mini-world tour before the luncheon begins! Explore a variety of unique cultural

display booths, each one showcasing our rich global heritage.

⭐️Buffet Lunch⭐️

We will offer two main dishes to accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free dietary preferences.

⭐️Cultural Showtime 12:30-1:30⭐️

From dance to song, and poetry to storytelling, join us for an entertaining hour of cultural

showtime where our own IWI members will draw from their rich heritage to showcase their

talents for you!

Members $30, Guests $35

No cancellations after March 7th

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