Welcome from the President

Dear IWI Friends and Family,

Welcome to International Women Indiana (IWI)!  As you know we have 20+ interest groups and numerous activities that 200+ women from over 40 countries take part in as we can under the present circumstances.  And we are starting a new term (2020/2021) in September which will be our 29th year!  As part of that start, I am honored this year to be the IWI President for the term 2020-2021 – and I’d appreciate it if we all took a moment to thank our friend and out-going President, Laura Mullinax, and the Board members, for guiding us through the 28th year. Laura did a wonderful job and showed her additional strength of leading IWI calmly through the pandemic. 

While I know many of you, let me share a little bit about myself again - I am Thúy Đặng Schelkopf, I was born in Saigon, South Vietnam.  I left South Vietnam after the fall of Saigon and became a refugee residing in Canada as my beloved country was taken over by the communist regime of the north. Later, I was fortunate to move to the United States which I call home.  I am married to my husband, Bruce, and we have one daughter, Jasminh, who lives near us.

I believe 2020 is certainly one of the hardest years for each of us - the unpredictability of the pandemic, uncertainty of the future - but know that I am praying hard and wishing everyone well as we all ‘hang tough’ through it.  I hope you’ll join with me as I approach life from a glass half-full attitude and know that in 2021 all will get better and we will all be moving forward as a result – which is why our theme for this year is “Live Life”. I think that we can learn and grow as individuals and as an organization by sharing joy and respect and by bringing happiness into each other’s lives.

While the year might be challenging, we still seek opportunities to gather and share. I encourage you to look into our various activities listed under Interest Groups and opportunities to attend Education Seminars and other events, as we live life within local guidelines.

On behalf of the Board and myself, we are all looking forward to sharing a great term ahead with the entire IWI Family and would love you to be part of it.

Thúy ( pronounce TWEE ) 

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