Introducing the Big Sister/Little Sister Program

One of the founding principles of the International Women of Indiana (IWI) has been to provide support to international women as they embark on their journey in the Hoosier state, particularly as they adjust to life in central Indiana. In alignment with this mission, we are thrilled to introduce the Big Sister/Little Sister program.

A Program to Foster Connections and Support

The Big Sister/Little Sister program is designed to enrich the experiences of newly arrived international women (Little Sisters) by connecting them with seasoned members of our community (Big Sisters). This one-on-one relationship provides a unique opportunity for Little Sisters to establish a personal connection and build relationships with those who have already made Indiana their home.

How the Program Works

1.     Recruitment of Big Sisters: We invite IWI members to step forward as Big Sisters, committing to a year-long partnership in the program. Big Sisters pledge to be matched with a Little Sister and to maintain regular contact, through simple gestures like text messages, coffee meet-ups, or attending IWI events together.

2.     Opening Doors to Little Sisters: We invite newly arrived international women who have been in Indiana for less than a year to join the Little Sisters. Initially, participation will be limited to current IWI members, with the possibility of expanding the program to newly arrived individuals who are not yet members as it evolves.

3.     Exciting Kickoff Event: Mark your calendars for January 2024, as we plan to host a kickoff event. This gathering will serve as a matching party, providing an opportunity for Big Sisters and Little Sisters to meet face-to-face, exchange contact information, and initiate their partnership.

Get Involved!

1.     If you are interested in becoming a Big Sister or if you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Becky Henn. Your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of international women as they navigate their new home and build lasting friendships.

2.     If you are a new member who has been in the USA for less than a year and are interested in being partnered with a Big Sister as a Little Sister, please contact Becky. We are here to support and welcome you into our vibrant community.

Becky Henn


Phone: 317-670-8027

The Big Sister/Little Sister program embodies the spirit of camaraderie and assistance that defines the International Women of Indiana. Together, we will continue to make Indiana a welcoming and nurturing place for international women from all corners of the world.

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